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Sports equipment

First of all, boccia players need a boccia balls to play. The boccia set consists of 6 red, 6 blue and 1 white ball. The best way to store boccia balls is in special cases, which’s inlay is cut out for each ball in the shape of a ball segment. Thus, the balls retain their round shape. Other equipment for players to use are boccia holders that are attached to their wheelchair, placed on the knees or on the ground.

There are also needs for the referees required for the game: a measuring calliper and a referee paddle, boccia tapes for surrounding the playing field, a scoreboard and others.

BC3 category players need also a boccia ramp for the game - an assistive tool, which allows to "launch" balls for players unable to throw ball using their own limb.

Categories of players in boccia

Classic boccia players are divided to 5 categories due to degree of their disability. Classification to each category according to the prescribed rules is done by a medical examiner. For all categories, the rule is, that the player must have all the four limbs affected. However, briefly the categories can be described as follows:

Category BC1: Players with cerebral palsy having an advanced severe disability able to throw the ball not using assistive devices. The game is assisted by an assistant handling the ball, adjusting the wheelchair and the player in the wheelchair.

Category BC2: Players with cerebral palsy with at lower level disability. They manage the game self-reliantly.

Category BC3: Players with different diagnoses including cerebral palsy with significantly limited function in their limbs and poor or no trunk control. They require a boccia ramp for the game, which is controlled by an assistant according to their instructions. The assistant must be turned back to the court during the game. The player must be the one lastly touching the ball.

Category BC4: Players with different diagnoses with impairments that have no cerebral origin.  Players manage the game self-reliantly.

Category BC5: Players who can not play in the BC2 and BC4 categories for stronger upper limbs.


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