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Manufacture of sports equipment

Manufacture of sports equipment for Boccia

BASHTO SPORTS specializes in production of sports equipment for Boccia Sport. Our main product is the Boccia Ramp used by BC3 category players.

Currently we offer 4 versions of the BASHTO Athletic Ramp:

  • Basic
  • Profi
  • Profi Light – a lightweight version of the Profi Ramp
  • Profi Alu Steel – a lightweight version of Profi Ramp with aluminum parts and steel base

The ramp can be purchased separately or in a suitable packaging for transport.

For transporting of ramps we produce:

  • Boccia Ramp Bag - suitable for a land transportation of the ramp
  • Boccia Transport Case - suitable for air transportation

We produce the following tools for the ramp:

  • Movable Ball Holder that allows the player to throw out the ball from the selected height
  • Head Pointer - for players that are unable to throw the ball by hand

Besides the Boccia Ramps we also produce:

  • Boccia Ball Case – wooden case, where each ball has its ball-shaped slot
  • Scoreboard - Allows players to orient themselves in the status of the game
  • Measuring Calliper - to measure the distance of the boccia brace
  • Referee Paddle - for a referee who determines the order in which players bounce the balls
  • Ball Rounder - to round off the boccia ball before the throw out
  • Boccia ball Holder - players hold 6 or 9 balls in it on knees during the game
  • Boccia Outball Tray – to store all outballs during the game in one, well visible place
  • Measuring Plate - to test the size of the boccia ball - the circumference of the ball must be in accordance with the rules from 262mm to 278mm


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About us

Our company has been operating on the market since 2013 and is a manufacturer of professional sports equipment for disabled athletes with a focus on Paralympic sport - BOCCIA.

We supply our products to a number of subjects both in Slovakia and abroad.

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Nám. SNP 207

049 22 Gemerská Poloma, Slovakia

+421 949 737 543


SK95 1100 0000 0029 4811 3295