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New products

BASHTO X-clusive Boccia Ramp

An Exclusive Aluminium Boccia Ramp at the highest professional level. Read More

BASHTO X-7000 Boccia Ramp

Light professional ramp with steel base, aluminium parts and guickrelease handles. Meeting international criteria according to BISFed. Read More

BASHTO X-100 Boccia Ramp

Professional easy-to-use and precise ramp. Meeting international criteria according to BISFed. Read More
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About us

We are people dedicated to sports boccia for organizational, training, assistance and promotion.

Our goal is to popularize sport for the general public, as we believe that boccia is very beneficial to many disabled people - whether physically or mentally - from children to the elderly and is also an interesting game for healthy people.

Boccia allows to participate in a real competition - from Slovak competitions, through international tournaments to paralympics. Here you will find support for your sporting career.

We offer our own products - boccia ramps and other equipment and accessories for the boccia game. We are the first distributor of Korean Victory Sports Boccia Balls in Europe and, we are a distributor of the Portuguese brand Tutti per Tutti and also Craft Hill International.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the boccia.


Newly opened "Low cost" section on our e-shop

Dear boccia friends, check out our newly opened "Low cost" section on our e-shop from time to time. In this section, we will offer discounted products, prototypes, and the like at great prices.





Check out a short video grotesque with a boccia theme in the style of Laurel & Hardy from the BASHTO SPORTS workshop :)


The special U-shaped foot to ease precise aiming for the BASHTO X-clusive Boccia Ramp soon available on our e-shop


A new premium version of the BASHTO Drop Test Plate on aluminium legs to easily perform the Boccia Ball Drop Test according the BISFed rules


A brief video tutorial about how to use the BASHTO Service Key.


A short video tutorial on how to assemble and disassemble the BASHTO X-clusive Boccia Ramp the quickest way.




Despite her handicap (Cerebral Palsy), Ľubka is able to lead full-featured life. She is a kind-hearted person, filled with love. She lives in the picturesque village of Rosina near Žilina, is a wheelchair user and needs personal assistance in everyday life to ensure her needs, independence and individuality. Despite severe disabilities, she can do sports. She has been doing sports with her personal assistants for 12 years now.
Read more

Check out funny commercial spot for Bashto Boccia Ramps! :)


How to find us


About us

Our company has been operating on the market since 2013 and is a manufacturer of professional sports equipment for disabled athletes with a focus on Paralympic sport - BOCCIA.

We supply our products to a number of subjects both in Slovakia and abroad.

Contact us

Ondrej Bašták-Ďurán

Pionierov 607

049 22 Gemerská Poloma, Slovakia


+421 949 737 543

SK29 1100 0000 0029 2790 3175